We live in a time where traditional concrete flooring is no longer a thing. Instead, homeowners are exploring options from polyurea to epoxy. Garage floor upgraded. At Premier Concrete Coating, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the ultimate in polyurea flooring solutions. That said, these solutions are anything but boring. Here, we’re looking at three of the top trending garage floor designs that we’re confident you’ll love.


Textures for days.

One of the quickest ways to update an old concrete floor is to give it a new look by texturizing the floor. With polyurea garage floors, adding texture has never been easier. However, this route not only adds an aesthetically pleasing appeal but also enhances the protective features.

Textured flooring options from Premier Concrete Coatings come in a large variety of options and colors. And, if, by chance, you don’t find the perfect solution, our professionals are happy to discuss custom color options that fit your needs. Thus, no matter what your décor or style requirements are, we have the perfect solution.

Furthermore, a textured surface provides better traction than an unprotected floor. As you know, bare concrete can be slippery. Whether it’s rain or melted snow from your tires, even liquid spills, enhanced safety features are always a plus.

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Who said tiles needed to be small?

Tiled floors have been around for decades. However, when most people think about a tiled floor, they envision smaller placed tiles. While this design is always an option, bigger is better with recent trends.

Working with your trusted professional, enhancing your garage floor into a classic tiled space creates a timeless look. Your expert will work closely with you to choose the best option and design. With large sections squared off, your garage will seem larger, more organized, and definitely a space that leaves friends and family in awe.


Eco-friendly is the only way to go.

Beyond the design of the floor, the materials you use is also a primary consideration these days. While epoxy garage flooring is the general go-to, polyurea is making a considerable step up in the industry. Why? Beyond the superior durability, color options, and waterproof properties, polyurea has near zero VOCs. If you’re not familiar with VOCs and why this feature is so appealing, be sure to check out our previous article providing all the details you should know.

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At Premier Concrete Coating, we believe in providing a superior alternative over epoxy garage floor coatings. Instead, our professionals rely on polyurea for our customers. If your garage could use a facelift, please get in touch with our office today to learn more about the services we offer and how they will benefit you!

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