Polyurea floor coating offers several advantages that the competition can’t provide.  Whether you’re a homeowner or owner of a commercial building, by choosing polyurea, you can have peace of mind that you’re making the right investment. This article highlights just a few of several reasons why polyurea is quickly becoming the product of choice.

Polyurea floor coating



One of the primary considerations with floor coatings is the strength and durability the product provides.  With polyurea, you’ll have a solution that creates a superior bond with concrete surfaces.  Not only will you be provided with an incomparable bond, but you’ll also have a quicker solution. Polyurea has one of the fastest curing times available on the market.  However, don’t confuse this bond as a rigid coating that won’t allow for wiggle room.  Polyurea expands and contracts with the changing temperatures of any environment. Thus, the potential of spalling is minimized significantly.


Resistance to elements

Along with superior durability, a certain level of resistance must be maintained in order for the strength of the product to remain intact.  Polyurea provides resistance to surface scratching, water penetration, oils, and other chemicals that may be found in your garage.  This resistance will not only enhance the durability of polyurea, but it will also protect the integrity of your investment.



Often, colors will fade.  However, you can protect your investment by choosing a polyurea floor coating.  Under the harshest circumstances, polyurea will maintain its color.  Even under prolonged direct exposure to sunlight, polyurea won’t fade or yellow.


Low VOCs

In an environmentally cautious society, emissions on all levels is a concern.  Another reason for the growing popularity of polyurea is due to it being an approved eco-friendly, low VOC (volatile organic compound) coating.  Linked to several short and long-term adverse health risks and conditions, these gases should be a significant factor when selecting the right product for your home.


polyurea floor coating


If you’re in the process of researching options, considering polyurea floor coating will prove to be the best choice time and time again.  For more information, contact the team at Premier Concrete Coatings and experience the difference for yourself.  Call us today at (781) 844-4925.