There are many different reasons as to why you might be thinking about a garage floor replacement. Things wear over time and start to look unprofessional or unsightly. Thus, if you have an old, beat-up garage floor, it might be time to think about improving it. Additionally, it is possible to revamp your garage without too much downtime. Look no further than Premier Concrete Coatings for a remodel that will be nothing short of exceptional. 



Polyurea: Advanced Coating Technology.


Have you heard of epoxy coatings? Well, polyurea takes epoxy to the next level. It’s exceptionally durable and is over 20 times stronger than an epoxy coating. Therefore, it’s far preferred over its predecessors. 


Why it’s superior. 


Now you might think, why is it so much better than other coating alternatives? Well, for your garage floor replacement, you want it to withstand everything you throw at it. Polyurea can withstand practically everything! This is due to its sheer strength and flexibility. It can hold up against heavy impacts, pressure, chemicals, and outdoor elements. If you park your vehicle in the garage, polyurea can easily endure the heat of tires.


Polyurea also is significantly safer. Unlike epoxy, polyurea does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Also, when it’s combined with paint chips and other additives, it can become slip-resistant and anti-skid for extra protection. Premier Concrete Coatings can also add a moisture barrier if you have concerns about harmful mold or mildew in your home.


You’ve got plenty of options.


If you’re tired of the dull gray concrete garage, you can fix that with polyurea. There are a plethora of design options available! You can customize colors and patterns to create a brand new space in your home, increasing its value and appearance. If you want more, we can also provide you with different textures, embedded logos, and a choice between matte and glossy finishes. Visit our website to take advantage of our color chart to learn more.



Garage Floor Replacement at PCC.


We can do more than just a garage floor replacement at Premier Concrete Coatings. We can tackle patios, concrete driveways, basements, commercial kitchens, pool areas, and more. Visit our website or give us a call at 978-575-7575 to learn more about polyurea floor coatings.