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Whether you’re looking to quietly protect your home with a subtle color or make a statement with bold pops of color, the standard product color line offered by Citadel Flooring has something for everyone.  Perfect for basement flooring, you can add valuable square footage to an otherwise dull area.

From aesthetics to protection, the Citadel standard color line coating system is the perfect solution for any area of your home or business.

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The Medici color collection by Citadel Flooring is the perfect way to incorporate the natural beauty of stone in your home as well as outside patio and pool areas.  From brick red terra cotta to silver stone osbisidan, the stone collection provides homeowners a variety of solutions sure to match any aesthetic.  

Call today and turn your plain concrete flooring into eye-catching product that will protect your space for years to come.


One of the many aspects that sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide residential and commercial customers with customized solutions to meet specific needs.  From colors to texture, embedded logos to matte or gloss finishes, PCC has the latest technologies to design the floor you’re envisioning.

When you invest with us, you’re investing in a team of individuals who take pride in their work.  We’ll always provide you with a wide array of options to meet your requirements and provide you with honest feedback on what may, or may not, work.

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    C1820-White: 30%
    C9955-Battleship Gray: 15%
    C1055-Brick Red: 15%
    C9969-Navy: 40%