While a garage is a side note to many homeowners, the neglect eventually surfaces. Think about it; your garage has some of the most abused flooring of your entire property. From salty winter debris to heavy equipment and fluid leaks or spills, being a garage floor is anything but glamourous. So, when left unprotected, concrete repair eventually becomes a reality.


Pits in the concrete

Pitting can occur for various reasons. However, the most common reason is due to improper finishing. Without the ideal layer of protection, your garage flooring is vulnerable to everything it comes in contact with. From salt to rocks, harsh chemicals, to dropped equipment, there are many ways pits occur.

While pits can be filled and corrected, it is much easier to address the situation before it ever happens. If you are fortunate enough to pour your concrete flooring, you have complete control over the final layer of protection. However, if you’re moving into a property where the concrete has already obtained some damage, concrete repair will be necessary before a layer of protection can be applied.


Tough stains on the flooring

In New England, it’s almost impossible to avoid staining on your concrete garage floor – especially if it is left unprotected. With salt stains being one of the most common, it’s imperative to know how to effectively remove efflorescence before damage occurs. Be sure to check out our previous article for helpful tips and an easy DIY solution to help keep your winter elements out of your garage!

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Even though concrete is an extremely durable material, it does have limits. Depending on what is stored in your garage and how well the sealant is applied, you may experience cracks. Even small hairline cracks need addressing. By pushing this maintenance aside, you could open the door for much larger and costly repair needs.


If these situations sound all too familiar, it may be time to give Premier Concrete Coatings of New England a call. Here, we provide the best solutions to protect your flooring from needing concrete repair. With polyurea, your garage floor will not only become waterproof, but it will also stand up to harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, salt, and much more!

For more information on how we can help you bring your concrete garage flooring to the next level, contact PCC today by calling (978) 575-7575.


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