Cracked concrete floors are visible in streets and even in our driveways. They can damage garage floors, sidewalks, roads, and buildings. Fortunately, quality concrete crack repair is only a phone call away.

Cracks can cause severe damage to concrete floors or roads. Because concrete is expensive and requires specialized knowledge to repair, it is crucial to have enough experience and the correct materials to fix the cracks and prevent further damage.

How Does Concrete Crack?

Concrete floors can crack for different reasons. Foremost among them is time. While concrete is expected to develop cracks years down the road, this can happen even right after pouring it. It can also break due to the cement mixture, improper installation, and pressure and temperature changes.

Sometimes some people may confuse cracks and joints in concrete floors. Joints are designed to control the cracking, slab movement, or pouring of a new slab of cement. However, cracks in concrete floors result from curing, age, and other issues.

What Are the Different Types of Cracks?

There are several types of cracks, but the most common are:

  • Structural cracks: After the concrete is ready, it can still crack from too much weight. Water leaks and soil movement can further damage the foundation below the concrete, causing it to move and break.
  • Plastic shrinkage cracks: In its plastic state, while the concrete is drying, water evaporates and leaves spaces that morph into plastic shrinkage cracks. Using control joints or sealers will prevent this type of damage.
  • Hairline cracks: Hairline cracks are thin and occur during the curing process. They absorb moisture and can cause more damage later on. Sealing or resurfacing concrete floors is the best way to repair these cracks.

What Are the Solutions for Fixing Cracks in Concrete?

Sometimes, using commercial products from hardware stores may not be the best solution for fixing cracks in concrete. In addition, some of the materials flooring professionals use cannot be found in your local stores and may not be the best choice for the job.

One option is to use caulks and other fillers. However, buildings that house corrosive chemicals or have reoccurring cracking need specialized fillers to repair damages. There are several different kinds of fillers depending on the severity of the cracks.

Cement Crack Fillers

These include epoxy and polymerized concrete mix, which are the most common ways to fill large cracks. However, there are different commercial products you can use. Some different sealers will work better than others depending on the nature of the crack.

You could try fixing the damage yourself, but the recommended way to repair cracks is to hire professionals with the proper knowledge and materials to help.

How to Fill Cracks in the Driveway

Fixing cracks at home, such as those in your garage floors, concrete patios, or driveways, is accomplished by following a few simple steps.

First, start by cleaning out the area of the crack. Removing any loose pebbles, dirt, and other debris is crucial for the filler to work properly. You can also use a vacuum or wire brushes to remove loose concrete.

Then, choose what product you will use to repair the cracks. Whichever product you go with, be sure to follow the instructions.

Take precautions to make sure the crack will not damage the structure before deciding to fix it yourself. In any case, the best way to repair a concrete floor is to hire experienced flooring professionals to prevent and manage further cracking.

What Are the Signs of Structural Issues?

  • Floor erosion due to age or other factors.
  • Uneven cracks where one side is either lower or higher than the other. Shifting ground causes these irregular cracks.
  • The crack bulges out. This is caused by the foundation shifting and contracting.

Some structural issues may take time, depending on the weather. However, any structural issues resulting in concrete cracks should be assessed and fixed by flooring installation companies. The professionals will have the best products and knowledge to make things right.

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