If you want to increase the value of your home, improve the durability of your floor, and ultimately enhance the look of your space, you can do so with an epoxy color flake coating. Epoxy flakes are perfect for garages, commercial kitchens, and any surface that experiences wear and tear.

What are Epoxy Flakes?

Whether you realize it or not, you have walked on an epoxy floor with many colorful flakes. “Decorative vinyl color flakes,” as they are formally referred to, are made from vinyl and acrylic resins combined into polymer paint, each flaking being about 4 -5 millimeters thick. This results in a look that resembles granite while being U.V. stable. These flakes come in over 150 custom colors with the option for custom color matching. The shape of the flakes is random and is available in sizes from 1” in diameter down to 1/32”. Most commonly used are the ¼” flakes used in garage floor coatings.

To create a particular look, colors are blended and then applied at a coverage rate determined by the customer. Coverage rates are typically light, medium, heavy, and full refusal. Full refusal means that the color flakes are applied to the point where the entire floor is covered, and the flakes will no longer stick. Therefore, it is advised that you purchase more flakes than you might anticipate needing.

How to Choose Color Flakes

When determining your color choices, keep in mind the base color coat of the floor. The most common base floor colors are grey and tan, but some choose off-whites and other colors. It is essential to keep the base color coat in the same color tone range as the color flakes if doing a full refusal garage floor.

In addition to the obvious advantages of custom color combinations, color flakes provide some sound reduction qualities. Depending on how many flakes are applied, they can hide sub-surface imperfections in the concrete. When using a heavy application, spider cracks and patchwork are less likely to be visible. Also, vinyl color flakes are flexible and strong, adding a minimum thickness of 5 mils to the floor, ultimately improving the durability and resistance to impact.

There are some circumstances where you might not want to use color flakes. For example, if you primarily use your garage to work on cars and/or other projects requiring smaller parts such as nuts, screws, springs, etc., a preferred option is a coating without flakes. All those flakes camouflage and ultimately hide small parts when dropped on the floor.

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