If you are a commercial property owner in the greater Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and northern Connecticut areas unhappy with their current flooring situation, it is time to change. Your floor doesn’t have to have a worn-down look with a surface riddled with cracks, scuffs, and general wear and tear. An industrial flooring installation can do amazing things for your business, and with Premier Concrete Coatings of New England, your goals are within reach. A renewed industrial flooring installation can revise how you feel about your floors, adding a smooth, firm, finished look to your surface. The time is now to choose an industrial flooring solution for your surfaces, and there is no team of professionals that is a better fit for your job than Premier Concrete Coatings of New England. 

When choosing an industrial flooring solution, there are many qualities to consider, such as the installation’s purpose, longevity, and location. Note each of the following considerations when choosing the right industrial flooring solution for your needs. 


First and foremost, customers need to consider the budget of a project. Of course, the budget will initially cover the installation and service. Still, it would be best if you prepared to pay for occasional maintenance and, depending on the flooring solution, periodic cleaning as well. 


The overall appearance of your industrial flooring solution starts with choosing the right color pallet. The color is up to the customer, of course, as the team at PCC of New England wants to make sure that you’re receiving an installation that you can be satisfied with. Color also should be a consideration for the flooring solution. If you need flooring for a warehouse and don’t want the installation to fade after years of sunlight, try to choose a darker color like black or gray. 


The purpose or intent of the floor is essential when figuring out which flooring solution to choose. Ask yourself, what use will this floor have? Will I benefit from a more expensive flooring solution? If you need the floor to be equipped for chemical use, make sure chemicals can’t burn the finish. 


Your floor’s strength and longevity are essential factors when deciding on an industrial flooring solution. In addition, you want to make sure that the floor will be able to support the output of your work. For example, if there is constant foot traffic machinery crossing the floor all day, you will need to choose a flooring option that will be able to support that type of work

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When you require a new industrial flooring solution that doesn’t leave your wallet dry, you can rely on Premier Concrete Coatings of New England. Our highly trained professionals utilize the best materials to ensure the most satisfactory job for your floors. In addition, our industrial flooring installation is backed by our 10-year guarantee, confirming that our team will do the job right. Helping both residential and commercial facilities, our team cares about the final look of the job. Therefore, they will work hard to ensure a professional finish. Premier Concrete Coatings of New England has over 15 years of service in flooring installation and is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. With exceptional products, a team that will consider our customer’s wishes, and a commitment to excellence, PCC of New England is the only choice for your flooring needs. 

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Premier Concrete Coatings of New England is the best option for folks looking for industrial flooring installations in the greater Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and northern Connecticut areas. The team will complete the job while working with our customers to ensure their needs are heard and their wallets are not left dry. Industrial installations require a competent team to finish the job, and the crew at Premier Concrete Coatings has you covered. There is no excuse to employ a team that will perform poorly on the installation. With so many options to choose from, there are choices out there that are right for your needs. Visit our website or call us at (978)-575-7575 for your free quote today.

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