All too often, homeowners rely upon basement epoxy floors for their finishing needs. While this is a reliable solution that has been around for years, the experts at Premier Concrete Coatings are here to open your eyes to a new solution. With polyurea floor coatings, your home is allotted the same, yet superior, benefits that you’ve come to love.  

Here is a closer look.


Let’s talk about installation times.

When undergoing any upgrade or remodel to your home, installation time is a significant factor. The faster, the better, especially when the situation disrupts your home. With epoxy, homeowners should expect a four to six-day turnaround. No, the application does not take this long. Instead, once the epoxy is applied, a curing time must be followed to ensure optimal sealing.

And then, there is polyurea that is often installed in a single day with a 24-hour turnaround on usability.


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Toxicity is a key player as well.

Along with extended installation and before-usage times, epoxy flooring emits toxic fumes into the home as it dries and cures. Without the proper ventilation and constant airflow, these fumes can pose a risk to you and your family. However, with polyurea, homeowners have a solution with near-zero VOCs.

Linked to several short and long-term adverse health risks and conditions, these gases should play a significant factor when selecting between products for your basement flooring coating.


Still considering basement epoxy floors?

While this article has brushed the surface on a few of the most notable differences between polyurea and epoxy, there are several more. For more information, please visit the Premier Concrete Coating FAQ page or contact our team at (978) 575-7575. As experts in garage and basement epoxy floors versus the superior alternative, we’re here to help.

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Please contact Premier Concrete Coatings today to schedule your free consultation, and make the choice that is not only best for your investment but also the health of your family.