Polyurea vs Epoxy



Waterproof Not Waterproof
98% more flexible than epoxy. Not flexible. Will crack with concrete movement.
UV Stable. Will stay a clear gloss finish. Not UV Stable. Will turn color over time.
20X harder than epoxy. Will not chip, crack or peel. Hard but it will chip, peel and crack over time.
Can be installed year round. From -20 to 140 degrees weather. Limited to temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees.
Stands up to chemicals, gasoline, harsh cleaning agents and salt. Can be damaged by chemicals, salt, oil and cleaners.
Near zero VOCs and meet Government requirements. Toxic fumes emitted for days while it dries and cures.
Installed in 1 day and able to drive on your new floor within 24 hours of completion. Most floors take up to 4 to 6 days before you are back to normal living.
Higher up front cost, but can last up to 15 years. Less expensive up front, but only lasts between 3 to 5 years.