Suppose you are a residential or commercial property owner in the greater Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, and New Hampshire areas unhappy with their current flooring situation. In that case, it is time for a change. However, your floor doesn’t have to have an unappealing, worn-down look. A new metallic epoxy flooring installation can do great things for your home or business, and with Premier Concrete Coatings of New England, your dreams are within reach. A new metallic epoxy coating can alter how you think about your floors, adding a slick, finished look to your surface. The time is now to update the look of your floors with a metallic epoxy installation, and no crew is a better fit for the job than PCC of New England.

Pros & Cons of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

There are more flooring options to choose from than ever before. Today, it is effortless for customers to decide on a finish that will uniquely suit their needs while working within budget restrictions. One of the most popular and most acceptable flooring options is metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxy is an epoxy coating that embeds metallic particles into the finish to create an exciting design. However, before committing to metallic epoxy, there are pros and cons to consider.

Pro- Strength 

Metallic epoxy is a solid and durable coating for your floor. Especially when compared to some other flooring options, metallic epoxy stands above the rest. If your floor faces heavy foot traffic and constant use of machinery, metallic epoxy would be the right choice for you. Metallic epoxy can last for over a decade, depending on the application.

Pro- Protective 

Metallic epoxy offers a protective coat to the underlying concrete, protecting the surface from cracks, stains, and scuffs. As a result, your floor will look smooth for years to come. 

Pro- Customizable 

Metallic epoxy flooring offers customers the ability to tap into your artistic sensibilities and craft a suitable surface for you while being eye-pleasing. There are endless color options to choose from, patterns, flake flooring, and logos to customize your floor to reflect more of you.

Pro- Low Maintenance 

Metallic epoxy generally requires little maintenance to look good consistently. However, an occasional sweep or mop should keep the floor looking fresh for years. And if there is any damage, our 10-year warranty will have our team servicing you as soon as possible. 

Con- Sensitive to Moisture

Metallic epoxy doesn’t always adhere to the environment. Particularly, metallic epoxy doesn’t adhere well to moisture. If there is too much moisture, the installation will separate from the floor, causing problems for your basement.

Con- Cost

Metallic epoxy is not a cheap flooring option because of its durability and customizable features. Also, it takes a team of trained professionals to install the flooring option properly. So make sure that metallic epoxy is within your budget before deciding on your new floor. But remember, with PCC of New England, the job is completed with the utmost care and thoroughness, guaranteeing an excellent installation, which is well worth the price.

Why Choose PCC of New England 

When you need a metallic epoxy flooring installation that doesn’t break the bank, you can depend on Premier Concrete Coatings of New England. Our qualified experts utilize the most suitable materials to ensure the finest job for your floors. Whether it be your garage, basement, or kitchen, our crew can provide your dream installation. In addition, our industrial flooring installation is supported by our 10-year warranty, assuring that our team will do the job to our best capabilities. Helping commercial and residential facilities, our team will work hard to ensure a professional finish. Premier Concrete Coatings of New England has over a decade and a half of service in flooring and is committed to surpassing our customer’s expectations. With a commitment to excellence, outstanding products, and a team that will consider our customer’s wishes, PCC of New England is the foremost choice for your flooring demands. 

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