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Concrete Coatings in Merrimack, New Hampshire

Merrimack, New Hampshire, is home to many businesses and homeowners who rely on concrete coatings services to protect their investments. If you’re in need of a quality concrete coating that will last, contact the experts at PCC New England. We offer a wide range of coating options to meet your needs. And, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your project finishes on time and within budget. 

PCC New England offers some of the best products and services in the industry. Furthermore, we ensure meticulous care when planning and preparing for our projects to achieve a fantastic finish. So, what services do Premier Concrete Coatings of New England offer in Merrimack? Please, continue reading to learn more.

Concrete Coatings

PCC New England offers a multitude of concrete coatings solutions for your home or property. Moreover, we provide concrete coatingscommercial floor coatingspool deckspatio coatingsgarage coatings, and basement floor coatings, among others. So, you can find a solution that fits the needs of your home or property.

Furthermore, Premier Concrete Coatings of New England has a multi-step process that we use on our concrete coatings. Our process is efficient and trustworthy so we will have your durable floor done in little time. Still, there is some variation to our process. However, we follow similar steps in our processes.

First, before our team can apply the desired concrete coating, surface preparation and repair is always the first step. Preparation may involve etching, grinding, or shot-blasting the concrete to fix existing damage and create a smooth surface. Once professionals repair the surface, we will pressure wash and dry your concrete before applying primer to your concrete surface. 

Next, we will install a durable epoxy basecoat in the color of your choice. After experts apply the basecoat, they apply your concrete overlay by rolling, spraying, or troweling according to your needs. Additionally, depending on your preference, we can add flakes for a different look and more durability. Finally, after curing the overlay, our contractors will add a second polyaspartic sealant for enhanced strength, protection, and stain resistance.

Concrete coatings offer a number of benefits for both commercial and residential applications. For example, coatings can help to protect concrete from weathering, staining, and other types of damage. A key benefit is the ability to extend the life of the concrete. By sealing the concrete and protecting it from the elements, coatings can add years to its lifespan. Additionally, coatings improve the appearance of concrete surfaces, making them more attractive and easier to maintain. In addition, concrete coatings can provide a slip-resistant surface that can help to prevent accidents. When professionals at PCC New England apply your coatings, they provide long-lasting protection and beauty for any surface.

PCC New England Has Your Back with Concrete Solutions

Merrimack, New Hampshire residents that are looking for new concrete coatings should contact the experts at PCC New England. Concrete coatings from PCC New England are durable, long-lasting, and attractive for any place in your home or property. Additionally, concrete coatings will add value and an element of flair to your property.

So, please get in touch with Premier Concrete Coatings of New England today. We will get you started on your very own concrete solutions.

PCC New England provides commercial and residential services. Additionally, we service the areas of ChelmsfordWestfordConcordLexington, and Groton. Check out our gallery for some examples of our work!

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PCC New England offers a variety of concrete coatings for both residential and commercial properties. These coatings can protect your concrete from weathering, staining, and other damage while also providing a decorative finish. PCC has many years of experience in the industry and can help you choose the best coating for your needs. 

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