Is it finally time to take care of your cracked garage floor? As a homeowner, home maintenance can be stressful. But Premier Concrete Coatings is here to help you with all of your garage crack repair needs! There are a few reasons homeowners may find their concrete garage floor cracking, so are four different reasons you may be experiencing. Although, it’s good to remember that it’s normal for concrete floors to crack. But if the cracks are larger than ⅛ of an inch, there could be a more severe problem at hand.


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Reasons Why You May garage crack repair



It’s normal to see cracks due to shrinkage during the concrete drying and stabilizing process. Before concrete hardens, the liquid state is full of water. But, when the concrete dries, the water evaporates and leaves pockets of air throughout the slab. Thus, it results in a weakened area that promotes cracking. 


Settling Ground


On the other hand, the soil underneath the home could be the issue. Over time, the ground can sink and move. This process is also known as settlement. The void area underneath the foundation of the home can cause cracks as the earth moves. Most often, it’s due to unpacked dirt where tree roots or rocks used to be before the construction of the home itself.


Installation Issues


Sometimes, cracked garage floors come from poor installation or issues that arose during the installation process. Perhaps the concrete slab was too thin, or the gravel base was uneven. With an improper foundation for the floor, the slabs can move and shift with weight and cause cracks over time.


Water Damage


Water damage is one of the most common issues homeowners face. Water is capable of causing damage to a garage floor if it’s not properly draining away from the home or foundation. The concrete can absorb and hold onto a lot of moisture, thus resulting in expansion. Then if the weather cools down considerably, it can freeze and cause cracks in the garage floor. 


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Do You Need To Worry about garage crack repair?


Most of the time, there’s no need to worry about cracked garage floors. But if you’re ready to transform your garage with a new floor coating, Premier Concrete Coatings can help! Our next-level technology, polyurea floor coatings, can cover up and resist cracking for up to 20 years! Want our experts can help you with garage crack repair? Call us for your free consultation at (978) 575-7575.