Although a versatile material, concrete can also crack and crumble if not appropriately maintained.

If you want to patch and repair concrete in your home or business, you will find some ways to make the process easier.

Let’s review our top tips for concrete repair:

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is a durable material that consists of cement, sand, and gravel. To make concrete, contractors mix these ingredients with water and allow them to cure for a set period.

During this process, the water in the concrete undergoes extraction, drying the mixture. Tiny bubbles of air replace this water, which gives concrete its strength.

Contractors can utilize concrete in many ways, including flooring or building material. It can also form into blocks or bricks and create walls, partitions, and even statues.

Top Tips for Repairing Concrete

It can be hard to tell when concrete begins to deteriorate. You might notice cracks, or maybe a tiny piece of concrete has fallen off the edge. Let’s look at the top tips for concrete repair if you want to repair the damage promptly:

Determine the Extent of the Deterioration

The first step includes determining the type and extent of deterioration in your concrete. If you just see tiny cracks, you may be able to fill them with a simple epoxy or other material. However, if you notice larger cracks or holes, you’ll need to replace some of the damaged areas with new concrete.

Prepare the Concrete Surface for Repairs

The key to successful concrete repair is good surface preparation. Clean the surface using a pressure cleaner to remove ingrained dirt and reveal imperfections. A clean concrete surface has the best chance of curing and hardening correctly.

Repair Any Cracks on the Concrete Surface

If deep cracks occur in the concrete, use an acid etch. This will improve adhesion between the new material and the existing concrete, making it less likely to fail again in the future.

Also, if you plan to lay new concrete over an old surface, ensure it’s completely dry before beginning work. If any moisture still remains on the old surface, it could cause problems later on when trying to bond new materials onto it.

Apply the Concrete Slowly and Carefully To Achieve a Smooth Look

Smooth the new cement using a rubber scraper, taking your time to wipe it over the entirety of the affected surface. It is best to work in small areas to avoid discoloration when the new concrete dries. Perfect one area, and then move on to the next.

If you work with a fairly wet mixture, you may want to use a trowel, so you don’t disturb any already-dried cement. This can help prevent cracking or other concrete repair issues later on down the line.

If you have an older concrete patch that has begun to dry out and harden up again, consider using a hammer drill with a chisel bit attachment to remove any loose pieces before applying new concrete over the top of them (but make sure not to damage any surrounding surfaces).

Seal the Concrete Surface To Prevent Further Deterioration

When you are ready to seal the surface, do so thoroughly. 

Seal any new concrete application with a quality acrylic or water-based sealer to prevent discoloration and fading over time. Watch out for any small cracks that may appear over time. We also recommend filling small cracks as they occur, preventing them from spreading and becoming a more significant problem over time.

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