When installing outdoor patio floors, you want to be sure that your flooring choice can withstand life’s uncertainties. Heavy foot traffic, unpredictable weather, and structural damage are just a few things to consider when selecting outdoor flooring. With so many factors, how do you know what will work best for your space?

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Deck Tiles

Deck tiles come in many materials, such as rubber, plastic, wood, and Styrofoam. Outdoor deck floors and tiles are highly accommodating to any price point, depending on durability. For a customized look, you can even intermix different materials or colors. 

Wood Decking

Wood decking is extremely common and consists primarily of porches and other balconies. While wood flooring solutions are more durable than some competitors, they are no longer the long-lasting standard. Outdoor solutions such as epoxy, polyaspartic, and other sealants rival the lifetime of wood decking.

Though not as enduring as other options, wood decking is still an excellent natural choice. It is environmentally friendly and provides any setting with a rustic, lived-in look. 

Outdoor Carpeting

Outdoor carpeting is a good selection for covered areas like porches and sunrooms. They provide comfort and traction while containing weather resistant materials not found in indoor carpets. 

However, even the most moisture-repellent options are not entirely weatherproof. The absorbency of outdoor carpets may attract mold and mildew when left alone for long durations. Therefore, consider outdoor carpeting in a covered area with a roof to prevent weather-related issues. 

Wood Composite Decking

Wood composite decking is a formulation of wood, thermal plastic, and other filler materials. It is highly desirable for its weather-resistant properties and stylish appearance.  

Unlike wood, wood composite won’t deteriorate as quickly due to its thermal plastic properties. Likewise, the wood makes the plastic particles appear more expensive and on-trend. As a result, wood composite flooring solutions are costly and typically have long wait times due to production. 


Concrete is popular for outdoor patio floors because of its uncompromising durability and long-lasting properties. It is highly weatherproof and provides easy terrain for almost any vehicle. As a result, concrete is the standard makeup of driveways and parking solutions.

Though concrete is longer-lasting than other outdoor patio floors, it is prone to crumbling or breaking into chunks. Its rough surface may also cause injury in the event of a fall or accident. Concrete performs best with a sealant or coating. 


Coatings, or sealants, cover concrete surfaces. These flooring solutions begin as liquids that pour over concrete and set into place. Most sealants and coatings range from same-day installation to a week to develop.

Overall, these coverings will prolong the concrete’s lifetime by decades. 


Epoxy is becoming more common on outdoor patio floors, providing elasticity to existing concrete surfaces. As a synthetic polymer, it can cover large surfaces and stand as a cohesive piece. In addition, epoxy is exceptionally affordable, averaging three to eight dollars a foot.

Epoxy coatings are available in a wide variety of solid colors. They are smooth to the touch and easy to clean. Epoxy also gives off a lovely sheen that makes it stand out. 


Polyspartic sealant is a rubber-like material that is entirely UV-resistant. It will not yellow in the sun, fade, or chip from high temperatures. Polyspartic materials are incredibly durable and can increase weight-bearing abilities up to five times. 

Because of their extreme durability, polyspartic coatings fetch a high price. They average around seven to thirteen dollars a foot to install. Though the upfront cost is higher than epoxy and other coatings, polyspartic flooring solutions will last at least fifteen years. 

Polyspartic flooring solutions come in multiple colors and grain combinations. In addition, they often contain flakes that give it a similar luxurious appearance to granite. 

How Premier Concrete Coatings of New England Can Help

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