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If you consider your property as a whole, your garage flooring is possibly one of the most abused areas. Often neglected, yet exposed to much more than other areas, it’s no wonder the flooring looks disastrous. From summer hot tires to winter salt, fluid leaks to chemical spills, there is no question that it is time to consider polyurea floor coating.

Often compared to epoxy garage floors, polyurea provides a myriad of desirable benefits that outlast epoxy on any level. Be sure to check out our previous article comparing the two materials for a more in-depth look. For now, let’s focus on polyurea floor coating for your garage.


Resistance to the harshest elements.


garage floor stain removal


Living in New England, varying weather is something that can not be avoided. From hot summer days to sand-filled spring and salty winter roads, our tires see it all. Thus, so does our garage flooring. One of the best ways to preserve your flooring from the damage effects of these materials is with a protective treatment.

However, treating your garage flooring with any product may prove effective for the immediate timeframe, but in the long run not so much. Polyurea provides strength and durability against surface scratching, water penetration, oil and chemical spills, as well as anything Mother Nature tosses in our direction.


Faster turn-around times.

Unlike the competition, most polyurea floor coatings are complete within a day. Of course, this timeframe depends on the current condition of your flooring and the square footage covered. Regardless, application and drying times are much faster than epoxy, allowing you back into your garage in no time at all.

Further, with low VOCs, the worry of harmful chemicals in the air is also removed from the picture.


Increases the value of your home.

With spring around the corner, cleaning is a hot topic. Whether this means cleaning out the garage with a quick sweep or taking added measures to enhance the space, all efforts are good efforts. However, spring is also a hot ticket in the real estate market. If you plan on listing your home in the near future, polyurea floor coating can increase the value.


epoxy garage floors


Chemically resistant to salt, oil, gasoline, and other elements, polyurea floor coating is the best choice for maintaining the integrity of your concrete garage flooring. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, contact Premier Concrete Coatings today by calling 978.575.7575!